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Diego Rivera Murals

Lots of pictures and shit

08/12/09 - Mexico City, Mexico

In the morning we go to the National Palace to look at some Diego Rivera murals. Diego is one of Mexico´s best-known artists, and his murals are like precursors to the cover for the Beatles´Sergeant Pepper´s Lonely Hearts Club Band. They are elaborate painitngs many metres long, featuring quest appearances from the big names of Mexican history, from Hernan Cortes to Don Benito Juares.


After enjoying this dose of culture I went to a big shopping mall (they´re very popular in Mexico) and bought two t-shirts, a pair of trousers and a game for my Sony PSP (Little Big Planet) all for $1400 pesos (roughly 70 British pounds) a bargain.

Tomorrow we will temporarily leave mexico City to go to Oaxaca for a few days. I´ll tell you all about it yeah.

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Match of the Day

Cruz Azul vs Menorcas

05/12/09 - Mexico City, Mexico

One of the things I wanted to do most on the trip was to watch a football and luckily we got the ideal opportunity as there is an important semi-final between local team Cruz Azul and Menorcas. It is the second leg, the first leg having finished 0 - 0.

In the morning, we went the Zocalo, the heart of Mexico City, built by the Spanish right over the devastated ceremonial centre of the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan. It is today one of the largest squares in the world after Tiannamen Square and Moscow´s Red Square. The first thing I notice (apart from the massive ice skating rink) are the organ grinders. They are on every street corner in Mexico City and bloody annoying. They grind out the most gad-awful noises that sound not unlike a cat having the life sucked out of it. And they expect you to pay for this. I´m not an expert on Mexican history, but I´d put money on the fact that organ grinders weren´t a common part of everyday Aztec life.


In the evening the match is very exciting. Cruz Azul went a goal down int he 2nd half but came back to win 2 - 1. It was a bit harsh on Menorcas as they dominated most of the match. It means Cruz Azul are through to the final to take place on 13th December. We will try to catch that match too if possible.

You don´t get this in the Premiership...which is a shame really

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Museo Nacional de Antropologica

Lots of old shit

06/12/09 - Mexico City, Mexico

We decide to visit the Anthropoligical Museum is Chapultepec Hill, probably the best reason to visit Mexico City. It is one of tje world´s great museums, not only for its collection, which is vast, rich and diverse but also for its design which is original and practical. According to the guidebook anyway.

It´s a monster. We spent the whole day there and still didn´t get through everything. My favourite scuulpture is a massive Toltec head that looks a bit like Ross Kemp who played grant in Eastneders.

I don´t look great in the morning...
Or in the evening...

In the evening, I went for a drink near the Zocalo. I quite like the Zocalo. At one end is the National Palace and the Supreme Court of Justice, where protesters camp out under hand-painted banners listing their grievances. Groups of policemen in blue uniforms mill around in packs, waiting to rush in should there be slightest hint of trouble. There´s extra police this weekend because they heard I was coming.

The National Palace is built on the sight of Montezuma´s palace. Montezuma was the most famous of the Aztec rulers and in reality was the last (two rulers followed, Cuitlahuac and Cuauhtemoc, but they were both Spanish puppets). Montezuma was regarded as much a god as a king and had foreseen the arrival of the Spanish - a little birdie told him - and believed that Cortes was the god-king Quetzalcoatl, returning from the east. This mistake cost him his life and allowed Cortes and his small band of men to take over the greatest city in the New World. Don´t say I didn´t learn you anything throgh this blog.

Olmec head that looks like Grant Mitchell

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Mexico City

Mega City

04/12/09 - Mexico City, Mexico

Random observation>>>Americans with massive amounts of baggage at Cancun airport. We watched in curiousity as most of them easily exceeded the 23kg limit and were forced to pay extra.

It´s Kevin´s last, he is flying back to London via Miami. Michael and I are flying to Mexico City afew hours after Kevin´s flight from the same airport.

When we arrive at Mexico City airport, we spend ages phoning for a hotel: not good planning. We have to settle for the upmarket Hotel Catedral. The best thing about it is that it is right in the centre, a block away from the famous Zocalo. Our ride to the hotel in the taxi is completely mental. Mexico City is a monster! The taxi driver is intent onb killing himself and us by way of driving like a maniac. There are several near crashes and many close calls on pedestrians. I am alrmed by the dark streets, the shuttered shops covered in graffiti, the piles of garbage and the lumpy prostitutes in every corner. After reading in my guidebook that taxi drivers are often in league with criminals I am convinced the driver is taking us to a dark lane where young Latinos with wispy moustaches were waiting with switchblades to take all our belongings and carve their initials into our chests just for a laugh.

That doesn´t happen.

The hotel is very nice, which given it´s extortionate price it bloody well should be. I read a little about Mexico City. Set over 2400m above sea level in a shallow mountain bowl, and crammed with over 20 million people, Mexico City (Ciudad de Mexico) is one of the world´s most densely populated urban areas. This is going to be different experience to the quaint little towns and villages we´ve been visiting so far!


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Zona Hotelera

Massive waves

03/12/09 - Cancun, Quintana Roo, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

What´s annoying me>>>losing my brand new prescription sunglasses in the sea

On Kevin´s last full day in Mexico and mine and Michael´s last day in the Yucatan, we decide to go to the beach in the Zona Hotelera. There´s a nice symmetry to this as it is where we went on our first day.

We wander back along Paseo Kukulcan, a strip of neon lights, clothes shops, restaurants and bars called Pancho´s and Senor Frog´s that boast three-hour happy hours and the best selection of tequila in town. The bllboards and the massive pyramid shaped hotels are frightening. We have to go through the Hilton hotel to get to the desired beach where I lose my sunglasses to a really big wave. Afterwards we have a very expensive drinks at the Hilton. I´m glad weçre leaving this place.

Chrismas lights

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